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Clothes Donation

On behalf of the Cambodia Rural School Trust NGO, we would like to thank Ruby Ivers and students from St Therese's School Essendon for donating t-shirts, jumpers and shorts to students and children in need in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

On the 14th of May 2018, a group of our high school and university students who are sponsored by Cambodia Rural School Trust delivered the clothing donated to the Samaky community who live in rural area, just outside of Siem Reap. This community was chosen as our NGO students have been volunteering in this community over the past 2 years and we know there are a lot of poor and in-need families.

2 of our own scholarship students also live in this community - Somey and Barang, are now studying at Future Bright International School which is the best high school in Siem Reap. Somey and Barang were responsible for putting together the list of students who received clothing and in total 40 children received pieces of clothing.

A message from the CRST student team in Siem Reap -

"Please take these photos to show the school that donated those clothes. And the tell them that the students here are so happy with the clothes and they said will study hard.

Before we gave the clothes to the children Somey made a short speech. She talked to the students about the power of education and she explained that education is very important for life. She also showed them how she is an example because she lives in their community and now she is a role model for them that education can change their lives.”

We would like to sincerely thank Ruby and the St Therese's School Essendon student community for supporting the children of Cambodia!!

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