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We are planting thousands of trees all over Siem Reap to improve the lives of communities living in hot and dusty environments.


Many communities in Siem Reap province are living on desolate land and streets with little or no vegetation. Research shows that planting trees improves people’s wellbeing and the environment as a whole.


By planting semi-mature trees that are fast growing, maintaining them and watering them during the dry season, we are bringing nature back to barren lands and streets in Siem Reap province. Working together with disadvantaged communities, we identify the areas most in need of shade and environmental benefits from trees.

Based on our assessments, we create a planting plan and oversee the planting and upkeep of these trees to ensure their successful growth. Our selected endemic tree species can reach a height of 6 meters within just four years of being planted.

Our Process
  1. Identify areas that need shade

  2. Select the right type of semi-mature fast-growing tree for maximum benefits

  3. Create a planting plan and plant the new trees

  4. Work with community members to water and care for the trees in the area

Would you like to donate trees in Cambodia? 

Since 2017 we have planted countless trees, improving the environment, preventing erosion and aiding our planet in combating the effects of global warming.

$50 USD
per tree

a semi-mature tree will be planted in either a

  • rural community

  • school

  • or in the city

Thank you to our partners
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