Project g

Empowering girls

PROJECT G, as in G for Girls!!  This project is focused on bringing women’s health education and sustainable feminine hygiene solutions to girls in rural Cambodia.


Around the world, girls and women resort to using rags, mattress stuffing, banana leaves, feathers, and even cow dung to manage their menstruation. Without basic hygiene education and sanitation, rural girls often miss many days of school, ultimately dropping out. Partnering with Days for Girls, we provide a safe, beautiful, washable, and long-lasting alternative — along with vital health education. In less than 10 years, Days for Girls have reached one million girls and women in over 100 countries - and through Project G, we will be bringing this empowering program to rural Cambodia.

Days for Girls Kit

>  The project team to lead and manage all aspects of Project G and deliver the Days for Girls program. With 6 different departments, the leadership team is comprised of Cambodia Rural Students Trust university students.

>  CRST’s Project G Team have undergone specific training in how to educate women, girls and young men puberty, promote menstrual health awareness and education, how to use the DfG Kits and talk about women’s value in communities around the world.

>  Days for Girls have appointed us their partner in Siem Reap.


>  The 43 student lead team are all accredited trainers with Days for Girls, empowering them to share their knowledge with confidence. Our boys are accredited trainers from the Men Who Know program as well. 

>  CRST has been approved by the Education Ministry in Cambodia to conduct feminine hygiene workshops in schools in Siem Reap Province

>  By empowering the Project G team to share their knowledge with girls in the countryside, we will personify the power of education - bright students from poor rural families bringing the power of education back to their rural communities.

>  The feminine hygiene kits are distributed for free to all high school girls who join our workshops. Our kits are made of materials that will last up to 5 years and follow-up workshops will ensure on-going interaction and support.

>  The kits are sewn in our sewing workshop in Siem Reap. The women are already professional sewers and are empowered to become a pillar of their families and an inspiration to their children.

Project G is a social-enterprise with all funds used for materials, sewing and program delivery costs.

Project G launched in July 2018 and so far we have educated over 8,000 people and delivered almost 6,000 Kits.

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