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Project B

We are helping break the poverty cycle for rural Cambodian students by facilitating easier access to education.


Students in rural Cambodia often walk 1-2 hours to school under the hot sun or through tropical rain. This results in  high school dropout rates.


The project collaborates with rural schools to assess students' bicycle needs for easier transportation to school. Home visits are then conducted to confirm the economic status and education commitment of students in need. Once qualified, selected students are gifted a quality second-hand bicycles for transportation to school.


In addition to providing students with bicycles, our Mobile Bike Mechanic (MBM) program travels to rural schools four times a year to repair bikes for all students in need.

Our Process
  1. Students apply at school and home visit conducted

  2. Educational lessons about health, hygiene and nutrition conducted

  3. Selected students receive their bicycles and all students receive study materials

  4. Bicycle repair days for students and community members 

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