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Project L

We are distributing solar study-lights to students facing energy poverty, enabling them to study after dusk, illuminating their path towards a brighter future.


Energy poverty is a pressing issue in rural Cambodia where many communities lack access to affordable and reliable electricity. The lack of electricity at home prevents students from studying and reading after dark, limiting their productivity and perpetuating the cycle of poverty.


In collaboration with SolarBuddy, we're providing rural students with robust solar study-lights and study materials, alongside educational workshops specifically designed to educate about hygiene, nutrition and the environment. Workshops are tailored to suit the students’ educational levels ranging from

Grade 3 all the way up to Grade 12.

Our Process
Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 10.28.21 am.png

partnering with

  1. Identify schools in remote communities living without electricity

  2. Educational workshops

  3. SolarBuddy study light distribution

  4. School material donation including notebooks, pens and rulers for all students

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