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University Graduation

Click the arrows below to read the reflections of some of these incredible University graduates!!

Reflection from Sreng

Late 2012, I believed that was the best education I could obtain when I had just graduated from high school. After a long discussion with my family, my mother and I came to the conclusion that I should enroll at university even though my mother, sisters, and I had to work very hard to save money for the tuition and living costs. It was challenging to work as a waiter in a restaurant where I had to leave at around 1:30 in the morning and go to class at 7 in the morning. The saddest part was having to watch my mother and sisters worked and save money so that I could be the only child in the family who could attend university. I nearly wanted to give up when I thought about having to do that for the following four years.

By the end of 2013, I was no longer concerned about not making enough money to cover my school expenses thanks to the CRST NGO. I could anticipate graduating. Not only did I graduate, but I also had two diplomas: one from Siem Reap's top university and the other from the United States. Even in a dream, I would never have believed that this was possible. The biggest turning point in my life when I started my life in the NGO. I have gained life-changing experience and knowledge since joining the NGO through a variety of roles. From a volunteer teaching English to children to the NGO assistant manager, the general manager of one of the NGO’s social enterprises, the NGO Manager, and ultimately a member of the NGO leadership team and mentor. Every opportunity I had with the NGO helped me get ready for my current position with KPMG, one of the Big 4 account firms in the world. I genuinely feel that the NGO's vision has come true in my life – I think that because of the education I received, the poverty cycle that has pervaded my family for numerous generations has not been broken.

Thank you so much to the Palti Family, Steve and Liz, and all the NGO sponsors for providing me with these chances that have changed my life.

Reflection from Veun

Reflection from Samach

Reflection from Barang

Reflection from Vanndet

Reflection from Sokkhim

Reflection from Saoly

Reflection from Loy

Reflection from Rany

Reflection from Sineang

Reflection from Dany

Reflection from Doeb

Reflection from Ramet

Reflection from Sinuon

Reflection from Roeun

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