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Synich's Trip to Malaysia

After coming back last week, I would like to share about my trip report which was for five days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia about what I have done and what I have learnt so far. But before doing that, I would like to begin with the words: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING and also FOR ALLOWING ME TO EXPLORE something new outside Cambodia to become a create change.

Honestly speaking, before departed, I was really worried about the trip so much as I was not well and needed to stay and the hospital for a couple days. That was so tough and I needed to be quick better otherwise I might not be able to travel. And the miracle happened to me, I felt much more better just only one day before travelling.

Back to my departure day, as it was the scholarship trip, so I was asked to be at the airport 3 hours before my departure time. So, my sister and my parents accompanied me to the airport in the early morning at 5am. Well, it was a bit nervous for traveling alone actually, but so excited. While I was waiting for check in, I met a foreigner name Jimmy, who from Netherland and he also went to Kuala Lumpur as well. We all had a long conversation about Cambodia and I also told him about our NGO and of course all projects. I was so delighted that he also went to PY and bought some yougurts, moreover, he also admired about our project and he said we are amazing even we are so young but we are a huge create change for Cambodia People. However, after talking to serval people at the waiting place, I felt much more confident and so so excited to be on plane again. 

After landing to Kuala Lumpur,  my mind was blowing away, frankly, I simply thought that it

might not be so much develop as it is in South East Asia country. But it was contrast and I was wrong, everything is beyond and over my thinking. I was thinking to myself what else I can do more and I noticed myself that I am not proactive enough I need to do something more to improve myself. While I was in the line up for immigration, I met few Cambodia people who were coming to attend as well but they were in different flight. As there were so many people, so we had time to talk around 2 hours just for putting stamp. Moreover, I also met one Indonesian women she was in the same flight with me, she was so friendly and be enthusiastic to share. Actually, she assisted me a lot otherwise I might get lose at the airport. And after finishing check in, a group of YSEALI were waiting for us outside and taking us by van to the hotel.

All participants were coming from different flight, but to me,  I arrived at the hotel at 4pm and then all participants needed to prepare and be ready for the welcome dinner for all YSEALI (Young South East Asia Leader Initiative) participants from all around South East Asia. In that party, US ambassador, YSEALI coordinator were invited to have a short speech and total over 100 participants around South East Asia plus Timor-Leste. Moreover, for that dinner we also needed to seek for our group mates. In my group, there were, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia and also one mentor from Cambodia as well. For one group, they had one mentor from different countries around South East Asia and those groups needed to pitch their project at the last day in front of the Judges.

For the first day, we all were at the hotel from the morning until evening, and there were a lot of sessions that we were needed to attend such as personalize learning environment, inquiry base learning session and so on. I also will attach the schedule in attachment file below as well so you all could see more detail. Moreover, U.S and Malaysia ambassadors were invited to join for the opening speech for the YSEALI program to make more warm welcome. So, after finishing parallel session then just quick dinner after that we all needed to do our project until 12 pm, so in the discussion we were delegated in different part as I worked for seeking video and assessment to put in the website and other work for website, calendar and pictures. As we did not have much time, so we were still working even we arrived room to ensure that we could finish on time.

About the second day, for the half day in the morning we still had parallel session and then it was time to get and learn experience out side hotel. We went to Me. Reka which is an educational social enterprise. It is the shopping mall but they are helping people who could not attend school to learn and get experience from that place by doing recycle bottle, making bags, such as coth pouch and garden in the bottle so on . Then we went to Petrosain KLCC to watch about some display about scientific and also play with the scientific games as well. Honestly, it was a huge place with the modern equipment and sometime I do not now how to use. It was such a great time to relax and of course I had so much fun and experienced with new people. After we were toured around 40 minutes then it was a time for going to visit a Twin Tower that is the famous building in Kuala Lumpur. As there were alot of people, so we were divided into many groups and let go one by one. Well, on the top of twin tower we could watch a whole city and of course sun set as well. Honestly, I was enjoy a lot but I was still thinking back to my home country that we are so so far...... and let start from us to make a create change to our society. By the way in the evening, we all still kept doing and discussing our project unit 2am.

For the last day, the same we still be in the hotel and doing parallel session until afternoon. Then we had one hour and half preparing pitch. As we had only 5 minutes so one person represent one group for pitch, honestly it was so tough time for everyone, just few days from Cambodia I could see how far that Cambodia needs to develop especially about education system. After finishing pitch, everyone seemed relax and we met Cambodians we enjoyed and congratulated everyone as we all DID IT. And it was also a time to enjoy and taking photos to represent our country. Then we had around 40 minutes to relax and prepare for closing ceremony and farewell dinner as the last activity. 

Wow, everyone dressed up with their own traditional clothes and represent their countries that so amazing and everyone seemed to have an incredible time together too. But anyway, for the closing speech, Cambodian, U.S, and KL ambassadors were invited to join and had dinner with us. Beside this, Malaysian traditional dancers were shown while we were eating and made that party was so meaningful and unforgettable.

I could say that it was my AMAZING trip THAT ALLOW ME TO EXPLORE something new and experience it and especially I could access and understand more about the education system from other countries. I could not find any words to describe how could learn and be positive after meeting with NEW EDUCATORS AND PROFESSOR FROM ALL COUNTRIES around South East Asia. After I came back, I FELT LIKE SOMEONE KNOCKS MY HEAD by seeing something difference from Cambodia.

=> Just after a few days, I could figure out what should I need to improve in my life to be better and make competition to other countries:

Level of English: still limited and I need to improve alot.Lack of general knowledge: because of my general knowledge is limited, so it is hard for me to acess into conversation with others.Build Up energy: need to be more powerful and confident.

After finding myself, I MUST change and start to make plan to be the BEST.

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