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CRST Annual Meeting Report

The CRST annual meeting was conducted and organized by the CRST Human Resources and Operations team which was participated by all CRST students in Siem Reap town. Before the meeting day, our team booked some needed materials including chairs and tents to use at the meeting place. Moreover, we also organized teams to clean the whole environment before the meeting day with the decoration as well. We got some volunteering students involved with us to prepare the meeting area. We really appreciate their hearts to assist us with this work.

On the meeting day, we started the meeting early in the morning as we had many topics to talk and present to every CRST student. Sokal and Chroep were invited to be our special MCs. Once students arrived all together at the rooftop, Sokal and Chroep commenced the CRST annual meeting and warmly welcomed everybody in attending the essential meeting. They both introduced the main purpose of the meeting as well. After that, everyone stood up, and we saluted the national flag of the kingdom of Cambodia. Then, we shared an incredible slide from Palti family’s video (Aviv and Jess) with our students. Our students felt excited to see you on the video with doing a presentation on the outcome of CRST NGO. More importantly, it’s surprising to get the news that you will be in Cambodia very soon.

The presentation was explained and showed each project and department’s achievement and plan in 2022 by all project/department managers. We provided 10 minutes to 15 minutes to department/ project managers for doing the presentation and they needed to be respectful of the time we had set. They came to the front one by one to share their slides and explained in detail. However, we would like to share with you the management names who did the presentation; there were Sreyleab, Nath, Sokhim, Sambo, Tey, Sreyoun, March, Houn, Sinuon, Somey, Lean, Heng, Phanich, Mab, Pin, Tangly who are almost project and department managers in CRST NGO.

We also had a special break time for the snack. Everyone really enjoyed eating the fruit and Khmer cakes. They looked delicious with enjoying the fun together at the rooftop with a great landscape around the office and green trees there. Their faces were smiling with a lot of excitement. The break time was about 15mins and then, we started to do another presentation slide.

The meeting was finished successfully and effectively at 12 pm in the afternoon. Before the meeting ended, Education team took the chance to provide some gifts to CRST outstanding students including HS students, and university students. There were other special gifts - each ACE student received their own Kindles!! Thank you to our kind anonymous sponsors for these amazing Kindles

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