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Counsellor Meeting

I would like to update about our counsellor Soky introduction meeting with all our students. We did it on 26th at Project Y. We had one session in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Soky had got one hour and haft to process her introduction. Her first work was to make our student get closed in touch with her. Students know who she is, what works on, what she can help, and so on.

At the beginning of the class, she introduced herself, her background, and her skill. Then, she also let our students introduced themselves to make more in touch each other. After that, she explained deeply about counselor work, what is counselor, what does counselor work on, how can counselor help, why counselor is important, and some regulars of being the counselor. More than that, she talked about mental health and body health, and how do they relevant each other. Besides that, she also explained about the different between mental issue and mental disease, what cause them, some consequence, and some solutions that we can apply to help ourselves before meeting with counselor.

Next, she showed a video that explains more about mental health. At the end of class, she let students to ask question. Our students asked many questions regarding to counselor, mental issues, mental problem, and other problems. She said to me that our students are so smart and asked very good questions. She really admire, she added.

Our students listened very carefully and asked many questions. Before they left, they came to meet Soky and asked more questions individually. They look really in touch with Soky, and I hope they are not hesitate asking to meet her when they want to consult something.

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