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Congratulations High School Graduates!

Written by the CRST Education Team -

We were very excited that we could join the graduation event and we can see our students’ smiling faces as we can reach their goal as they have studied for 12 years to join this amazing event. Besides, our students got certificates of national exams, and some of them got one or two certificates of excellence! Moreover, we really love our graduation clothes as they were very powerful and meaningful for us. Not only were our students happy BUT their parents were extremely happy to see their children successful in their education. And their siblings were so proud and inspired by them as well. This is an achievement of our students and their families.

After they received the certificates, our Education team gave them the surprising beautiful flowers and we took more photos together.

In the afternoon, we went to Angkor Wat temple to have group photos together to keep as necessary documents with their CRST classmates and their parents. Everyone was very happy to join the group photos with smiling faces.

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