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Birthdays in September

This week, we celebrated 8 birthdays for our students such as Bopha, Siv Yien, Ramet, Vanndet, Soma, Reaksa(big), Reaksa, and Rany.

We celebrated Boha and Siv Yien birthday on Wednesday 18th in their class. They were really surprise because it was their first time with new family. We celebrated them at the end of the class. They looked very happy with cake and happy to share with teacher and their class mates. 

The rests, we celebrated today after English class at the beginning of the meeting. Before we celebrated, we had a group discussion with a plenty students who volunteered to involve, and we organized the flow of celebration. We asked three students to hold the cake, and five students to hold the fruits birthday leading by Sineang and Loy. The reason we bought only three cakes to celebrate because it is enough and we want to buy something else in case some students don’t like cake. During the meeting and everyone was focusing, six people held the cake in, turn off the light and fan with birthday song singing. It looked so funny that there were cakes and fruits for the birthday. After that, everyone shared that cakes and fruits together including teacher. Everything was done with our plan. I’m sure it becomes a remarkable moment for them.

Hope you enjoy the photos below!!

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