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August Monthly Email From Heng

Hi Aviv, Michelle and Jess,

I trust you are doing well. You may know that my grandma and brother got infected with Covid-19 at the beginning of August 2021. Now we are all at home and they have recovered from it. First of all, I would love to share with you my experiences during my family's problems. This was such an experience that I was strong and scared at the same time. My family could face many challenges that affect their physical and mental health. There was nothing I could do besides I stand by my family, especially my grandma. It was ridiculous as well when the doctors allowed people to take care of Covid-19 patients, so I could be there with my grandma even though I was negative Covid-19. From the 2nd of August 2021, I was at the hospital seeing patients dying and there was always someone passing away every day at the hospital building. I was so scared and I thought I might get infected as well sooner or later. I tried my best to protect myself, every time with alcohol, and wear a mask all the time. Every little thing I touched, I sprayed alcohol and went a little outside the building to eat rice. The people in the building were not allowed to go outside the hospital. So if we needed something, we asked outsiders or friends to buy or bring those to the front building, leave things there and we took it after they went back. On 11th August 2021, my grandma took the second test, and waited until 15th, when they said my grandma recovered, and we could go home, but they needed to test me to find the Covid-19 again after 15 days at the hospital. So I tested NEGATIVE Covid