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Nele's Story

My name is Nele, I am from Germany and I am 19 years old.

When I travelled to Cambodia last year with my boyfriend, of course we visited Siem Reap. One evening we were walking through the streets of Siem Reap that were filled up with tourists and a girl our age was working at Project Y Frozen Yogurt store and started speaking to us.

She was very nice and explained a lot about CRST and showed us the store from the inside. We were impressed when we saw and heard what people our age are able to organise!! Throughout the conversation the girl also told us about Project G and I loved the idea of this project. I 'bought-in-kind' one of the hygiene sets, but couldn’t stop thinking about this great organization and moreover those great young people helping their community in such a direct way.

I told some friends and family via Facebook and emails about the project and they were as enthusiastic as me. So the next day they told me to donate on behalf of them!!! I realised that it was very easy to get a few people motivated just via the internet to donate for the project, so I thought it should be even easier to motivate people in person!!