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Movie Night

A few days ago we had a movie night at Project Y. The movie was watched was called Pay it Forward. The movie started from 7:30-9:30pm. We had snacks like popcorn and drinks. Thanks to Sineang, Sompeas and Sreng for helping on that day to organise the food and the upstairs area at Project Y. Everyone really enjoyed the snacks and movie.

At the end of the movie Sreng helped summarize the movie to our students to make sure that they understood.

We really love the movie because it taught us about how one person can help to another and another help to other group of people. This movie is like our vision to help others with education. It a little bit sad that the end of the movie that boy died. But it is a good lesson for us that we can at least do one thing to help another person. So it like one quote said that “Do not live like a frog and died like a snake.” When that boy died there were a lot of people to remember him and respect him

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