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First Aid Workshop

We had the first aid workshop on the 16th of December from 2:00 pm to 4:00PM that was run by Student Volunteer Placements International.

They started to introduce themselves to our students also ask about first aid equipment that we use it or not since the previous year. They taught us about, how to help ourselves if we get a burn, snake bite, fever, drowning and choking. They had a translator with them so it was easy to communicate clearly. Our students also asked a lot of questions and we really loved practicing and the interactive activities.

At the end they gave us some bags from Southern Cross University from Australia and we will keep them and use them when going to buy food at the market for reducing plastic. Our students said thank to the team and the team also very friendly to talk to our students.

In conclusion we would like to join the workshop with them again next year as it was really helpful to our students that can save their life and other people life.

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