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April 2018 - Floating Village House

We found this family after a suggestion from one of our NGO partners. He asked me to visit some families that live next to Tonle Sap Lake. Phouy and her husband Thi have 4 children. Thi is a fisherman and Phouy sometimes cleans the fish for very little money.

The oldest son is 13 years old and studies in kindergarten. The second is a girl, 11 years old and now studying 3rd grade. The third is a boy, 10 years old and now studying in 2nd grade, and the last is a girl and 2 years old.

They own a small piece of land right next to the lake but can not afford to build a house because it need to be a tall house for when it rains in the wet season.


On Sunday April 8th we all went to build a house for a Phouy and Thi. Around 4:30am, CS team had cooked breakfast early for our members. There were two type of food such as chicken meat and vegetable sauce. We left from office around 6:45.

We arrived the place where we built the house at 7:30 and started our breakfast. After finished eating, we started to had a discussion again because it was a new design as the first house that we never built before. As we knew that area is near by Tonle Sap Lake, so they need to built higher as much as possible. Some of them who built a bit high when the rainy season comes they with many snakes, so it is so dangerous. As Steve and some of us had a discussion a well, and it was the first view of everyone to get new experience from building this house.

Before we had lunch, we done 40% of setting and wall frame. We had lunch at 11:30, and at 1:30pm we continued to build the house. Everyone was a bit tired because it was really hard for us to build this type of house building, and we need to use more energy to take all the wood stand up, however, we still reach it. This is the power of working as a group with the beautiful heart. It was a bit late for us to finish this house until 7:30pm, but we are happy to do it.

Mrs. Phouy and Mr. Thi would love to say THANK you very much to the Murney family from Melbourne, Australia who donated the funds for their new home. This is truly honour for them that our NGO built them house. Not many people can see the value of helping poor people, and they wished the Murney family health and success.

Thank you as well to Liz and Steve from Philadelphia and Michelle Beatty from London for joining us in building this home!! Thank you as well to Michelle for taking such amazing photos.

THANK YOU MURNEY FAMILY from Melbourne, Australia

for donating $600 to build this new home for this family!!

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