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Swimming - Sport Activity

On Sunday 27th of August we had our monthly sport activity - and it was SWIMMING!! For a lot of our students this was their first time going swimming in a pool!!

We arrived swimming pool at 7:25AM. While we were playing in pool, we played some games such as Swimming Competition, Passing Balloon, Walking in Water with Balloon and Using Scarf to Take Water into containers. When we arrived, Doeb was introducing some rules of playing sport to make sure our students understand and follow us:

1. Involvement: They have to listen to instruction carefully and follow the games rules.

2. Listening: while sport leader talk or tell the instruction, they have to listen and follow.

3. Silent: when someone speaks, they have to quiet to get information, questions, answer, and good words.

4. Follow: They have to follow sport leaders while they show them the way or something that related to games or sports actions.

5. Raise hand if they have any questions: they have to ask sport leaders if they have any questions otherwise everyone just talk together.

Aviv was also in Cambodia and ran a 15 minute Aqua Aerobics class!! This was the first time we have seen or done aqua aerobics and it was so fun!

All the games are great fun for our students and also reduces stress, is a great way to keep fit, good way to relax, feel good, stay healthy, and make friends. It also is a well exercise because they need to move their whole body against the resistance of the water such as keeps their heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off their body, helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart, lungs, and builds muscle strength!

Thank you to Mr Lionel Tok from Singapore for donating the money for this months sport activity!! Lionel is a taxi driver in Singapore that Aviv and Jess met while they were there – he didn’t charge them any money for their ride and instead wanted to donate the money to the NGO!!!

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