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New Students for 2017/2018 Academic Year!!

We still keep smiling after knowing that 13 students were selected this year!!!! We will keep doing hard and smart work to help current and new students coming to the NGO very soon to start their new academic year with NGO.

Our Leadership Team have been sitting down discussing about a new plan for how the new students will integrate into the NGO.

Last week, we had very meaningful meeting with current and new students. We started at 8 to 10am. Everyone was very enjoy with talking to new students and some of new students were very surprise because all of our students remember their name. This year, we actually sent new students names and pictures to our current students so that we can remember the face and name. This is the first impression to new students.

After that we followed our agenda like:

Sreng - talked overall about the NGO

Doeb - talked overall about each department

Nak - talked overall about Projec Y

New students came to the front and introduce their name one by one after that current student telling their name, school/major, generation, personal quote.

Then, we had group of photos with new students. After that everyone was enjoying snacks and drinks with more talking with new students. This is very big day and also very meaningful as well. We all welcome new students very friendly as one family.

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