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New Student Selection - Stage 2

The day after the exam date, we spent two days with some of our students who were free to correct the test. It was very lovely day with everyone enjoying correcting the test together at Project Y.

Among 319 students, 128 students passed to the second stage of the interviewing test.

We met with all 128 students to interview them in the first half of June. We then spent 4 days from 12 to 15 of June to discuss how many students will pass the next stage and which students we will visit in their hometowns and meet their families.

It was very long and exciting day to meet and listen to different backgrounds of the students. We was inspired by some of the students because they live in very bad background but they love education and do their best come to school. Even though sometimes they have to eat rice with salt but they still happy to continue studying.

The 3 main points students will pass interview stage are:

1. Bright Students - The student have to be smart and having a leadership skill in their life. Those will bring the inspirational thing to the NGO and also inspire other to be like them. To selection this, we asked many detail questions in order to analyze as same as look at their personality.

2. Smart students - this is not only looking at their result at school but also looking at their answering. Some of them answering the whole thing we just ask only one question. Beside that they take their value time teaching other students if they need help.

3. Contribution - all the students were selected are contributing to their community. Some of them joining other NGO to education people at rural area about drug, health, and so on. Beside that they also contributing by teaching at rural school every day. This is very good thing to hear about next generation trying to help community as much as they can.

We actually spent several days to interview 128 students and 29 of them were selected to the last stage of Home Visiting. 29 students that we decided to select are mature, smart, inspired, and also working to change the community. They all have leadership skills in their life. They are the best among the best.

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