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World Vision visit to Project Y

On 4 March, World Vision came to Project Y to let their students learn more about CRST and Project Y.

They arrived at about 8:45pm with about 50 students. We went upstairs to have a presentation and I stood up to talk about what we were doing in Project Y and why we have Project Y, then some of them ask several questions related to business model we are doing.

After my presentation, Nak stood up and talk about CRST. He talked about the activities we are doing including everything. Then he also spread the information of the scholarship program (students selection programs) and about the tests they will need to do. He also talked about why those three are very important for us to identify which students from which families should be sponsored. Then a lot of them ask a lot of questions since they were very much interested in the program. We already talked about some benefits of being in CRST and some life experience and lessons we earn when we come to NGO to them as well. This is to inspire them hopefully.

Before they left, they also bought some yogurt with 50% discount, and they spent about $60. Moreover, in Cambodian culture when you visit someone, gift is supposed to be brought especially when it is a formal visit. They donated a further $30 to CRST and this will be kept for some NGO activities in the future.

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