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April 2016 - Ms Tay

This family is located in Kuktrach Village which is about 10 Kilometers from Siem Reap. Pech and I found this family which is about 800 meters from Visith’s family, and Visith’s family also knows that this family is poor in the village.

Ms. Tay went to work in Thailand, and then she knew a man who is from Cambodia. After that, they loved each other and came back to let mother knows that they both want to have family. After mother agreed, they lived together until she got one son who is now 6 years old, and because he did not have money to support family, then he decided to work in Thailand by leaving mother and his son with mother in-law. She has not seen him again since he left 6 years and she living with her mother.

2 years ago she was introduced to another man who lives different village. They had a daughter together but she did not know that he already had a wife and family. He stayed with her until she had the baby which is now 6 months old but he sometimes comes to visit them but he also does not give her any money for her and daughter to use in daily life.

Ms. Tay does not have the real job because before she had worked as cake maker, but now she has children, so she makes palm leaves to sell in the village. She can earn $3 in 100 bunch of palm leave, but not every day because in 100 bunch of leave she has to spend around 5 or 6 days. She bought 10Kg of rice for a month for children and her, and spends around $1.25 a day. Tay also pays for electricity that connects from her uncle which spends a little bit. In the house she has one fan and one old water machine which are given by her mother to let her use.


I hope you and your family had a great time in Siem Reap altogether and we want to say thank you to all of you for helping us build a new house for this poor family in countryside.

The house that we built on Sunday was beautiful and strong because everyone did from their heart and tried to work as much as possible before night came. Finally, we completed our hard working and showing that we are the one who can make it for villagers and next generation. Thank you to Roni, MJ, Jess, Aaron, Michelle and Aviv and all of the Designet team!!

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