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Project Y Football Team

Last Sunday was the last day for the football match, we can see that the champion for # 1, # 2, #4 are still the same from last season. From # 1 - 4, they get the prizes as money, medals, four best player T-shirts. Project Y team lost every match, YET we also get the prize 15 pair of sport clothes.

We got medals for three things though -

- good team work- work together and all players go to the match every week

- good morality once playing

- punctual

Rady and Chanrong almost always at the match to be our GREAT fans from the first week until the last week. At the end, we gave them one pair of sport clothes from our prizes for each.

We did not win this match, BUT our team were always happy to play and play all the best. We feel that from week to week we felt less tired after each match which mean we are getting stronger.

By the way, we will still train every weekend for one or two hours. One of the football referees from the match is very happy to join and train us to be ready for next season or just to get good health from sport. He is very interested in our team. We lost but we never give up and or feel demotivated.

If PUC will arrange this again for the next season, we all would love to join the match again as well. Besides that we can do better on this, we can promote Project Y, and we will have good health and good fund as well.

Finally, we would like to say THANK YOU very much to Project Y to support until the end of the season!! We are looking forward to next season!!

Many thanks,

PY Football Team

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