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February 2016 - Together for Cambodia

This month we are helping Together for Cambodia (TFC) finish off some of their projects.

We separated into two groups, and one group worked on the roof and the other group worked on the fences. It was 75% completed the activities because we all knew the process of doing it and each groups had 2 leaders to organize the work.

That day, it was very special because TFC cooked lunch for all of us!! It was very nice, and I hope everyone would be enjoy with this meal.

A message from Lidia, the president and founder of TFC:

Dear Nak

Thank you very much for such wonderful day. I have not words to show so much I admire you all and so proud I feel to have meet you all and and being part of you too.

An unforgettable day for our memories. The children enjoyed very much and they learn so much too. Thank you very much not only for coming and doing an amazing work, more than this, thank you very much for being a source of inspiration.

Have a wonderful week, and please share my admiration and thankful with the whole team.You all are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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