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December 2015 - Ms Sok and Mr Pan

This family is in Chres Village, about 13 Km from the Siem Reap. We found this family by the man who names Tak that is a friend of Nak and I. Ms. Kham Sok who is 38 years old and her husband name is Pab Pan, 32. There are 6 people in the family, 3 daughters and one son. The first daughter is 6 years old and she is now in grade 1; the second one is 5, but she has not started the school yet; the third one is 3 also has not started the school, and the last one is a little boy 1 year and 2 months.

Ms. Sok and her husband gave up the school in grade 3. Ms. Sok is a housewife and she is the only person who grows vegetables around the house. Mr. Pan is a construction worker working at Siem Reap, and he goes to work with their neighbors who have a Tuk Tuk that can take around 7 people every day - this is luck because he does not have a motorbike or even a bicycle. He pays them some gasoline to go to work and comes back, and he can earn $6 a day which means he can get paid about $180 a month, BUT sometimes he gets sick because he and his wife have got high blood pressure which means that his work is not regular. Actually, they have been to the local hospital, and the doctor doctor gave them some medicines to stop it for a little while, and now they are better.

What we like about this family is that around their house it is very clean and they are trying to have a health environment and family, even though they are poor and less educated


On behalf of our students, I am delighted to tell you about our activitity on the 27th of December was great and that we did a very great job for their house. We also finished early in the afternoon around 1:50pm. When we arrived there, the house owners and other villagers had already made the house shape for us. So, we just did the tin on top for the roof, the walls, the bamboo floor, and our students were very happy because we had so much help from Ms Sok, Mr Pan and all the villagers in the area.

Even though we spent a lot of money on this house, the house is very stable and stronger than other families houses because this house we used good quality wood as you see the pictures of house below. I believe that it would stay longer, more than 10 years!!



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