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April 2015 - Building a New Home

Last week we got the information from Rorm that in his hometown there is one family that have no house to live. As a result, we went there to get more information and see if we can help.

The family is located in Bakong, there are 3 people in the family. Tokk Pie is 52 years old, she is a mother of Touch Sophat (22 years old), and Touch Sophat got married and has one daughter. Touch Sophats husband left to work in another province, but has never come back home to visit his family.

Back to Tokk Pie - she was born at other commune called Sor Sie, and she has moved to live in Bakong for 20 years. She has no land or house to live there, she just ask the villagers at Bakong to stay temporarily. Until now she still has no house, she added. Her husband died 20 years ago because of the war in 1993. She has no job because she have no strength to work, she just stay at home and look after her granddaughter named Lie Huor. Her expenses depend on her daughter that works in Siem Reap as a massage staff. Tokk Pie and her daughter decided to borrow money from the bank ($1,500) to buy the land near the house that she lives in now because the house owner that she is living right now want to get her land back. So she has no house to live anymore. Touch Sophat work in Siem Reap and her salary is for her mother, pay to the bank, and for her a little bit. She just only visit her family one a month because she has no vehicle, when she wants to visit her family, she always rent motor bike to go to her house. Sometime, she has not enough money to support her living, but she tries on her best to work.

To build this family a house it will cost a total of $357.50

Stone Pillars - $18.00

Palm Leaves - $37.50

Wooden Pillars - $90.00

Bamboo - $80.00

Roof - $9.00

Zinc - $60.00

Nail - $15.00

Wire - $8.00

Food (Students lunch) - $40.00

Please check the house that she is living now, but it is not her house, she just ask one of the villager at Bakong to stay temporary, and now the house owner want to get this house back.


On the 3rd of May, our CRST students went to Bakong District to build the house, and we leave from Mr. Nak's house around 6:30AM and arrived at 7:30AM. When we arrived, everyone was very helpful. Some of them cooked food, some made the body of the house, and some made the walls. Even though it was a little bit hot, we were still happy to help the family. At the lunch time everyone was every happy with eating altogether because we are as a big family, work as a team to finish our goal. Lunch was delicious.

Several villagers also joined with our activities. They were very happy with our lunch as well. We worked so hard until the evening and we finished at around 6:30 PM. You will see the picture that our students work as a team to complete the house.

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