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February 2015 - Building a New Home

This month we are helping a couple who have had a very sad life. They had 4 children but 3 of them died by the disease chicken pox. We could not ask the couple directly because they are still very sad, so we spoke to their neighbor.

Phun is 63 years old. and Choun his wife is 55 years old. According to the villagers said that, this family is poor since they got married. One day Phun borrowed a neighbor¹s bicycle to buy seasoning and salt, but when he came back, the neighbor said that he stole his bicycle and then they called police to catch him and the police hit him a lots and so his neck and ear were damaged. He cannot speak loud, if we want to talk to him, we need to stand closely. Additionally he has small job that earn bit money, just 2000Riel or 3000Riel (0.65 cents to $1) but not every day, just one or two times a week. He has one old bicycle, and he usually goes to pagoda every day to ask for food to eat.

Choun also has no job. Nowadays, she walks around ten kilometers every day to cut thatch to fix her cottage (The Thatch that she get is not a lot, just a bit that she can carry home). The land that she built the cottage is not belonging to that family. It is villager¹s land, the villager just allow them to stay until the die. We have spoken to him and he has agreed that the couple can live there for the rest of their lives. She also goes to the pagoda to ask some food to eat as well. Sometimes, she sleeps at the pagoda because she does not have enough energy to walk back home.

Back to their children, they had 4 children, but 3 of them died by disease called chicken pox, and 1 is still alive but they do not know where he is. All the children that she gave birth to she gave to the villagers because she could not feed them by herself. The family moved away and she does not know where her son is.

They have two small cottages, in one of them sleeps Phoun and other Choun, but both of them are damaged. "These cottages built by villagers 1 and half years ago" said neighbor.

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