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May/June 2014 - Road Work, Community Service


We went to find a project where we could help a lot of people. On the way we travelled in a very hard looking road. The road isn’t very big, about 400 meters long but there problems the whole way. It is an old road that the villagers use every day, because they have no choice. It is very hard for them, especially in the rainy season. There are a lot of holes in the land and when it rains the water is stuck. The villagers tried to fix it but they couldn’t finish it.

We will have to do this work for our social activity for May and June, because the road is long and wide and we cannot finish it in 1 day. We will rent a truck to transport the soil from another place because the area we need to fix does not have any available soil that we can use. We will organize some of us to dig the soil and put it on a big truck, and some of us to make it flat on the road.

This is how much this activity will cost:

Item Qty Total Price (R) Total Price ($)

Truck 25 trips 25,000 R $112.25

Food & Water 98,000 R $26.00

Total in Riel: 524,000 R

Total in Dollars: $138.24

The normal cost per transportation is 25,000 R and they use their own workers to dig the soil to fill in the truck. As we have our students to dig the soil and we work to help the society, they kindly discount to 17,000 R per trip for us.


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