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Success Stories

The vision of our NGO is to educate, empower and inspire the next generation of Cambodia's students by providing them with the best education possible.

These students are our first group of NGO-graduates - they have either receive great scholarship opportunities or completed their degrees and now have well-paying jobs which provides them, their families and communities with a bright, promising future....

Our graduates will always remain part of our NGO family as they are an inspiration of the power of education.....

Nak Shen

Congratulation to Nak who has just GRADUATED from his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration!!!! Nak was one of the very first students to join CRST way back in 2011!! He graduated high school and then went on to university, the first in his family to do so.  After 5 years studying at university, Nak is the FIRST CRST student to GRADUATE!!

Nak was the NGO manager from 2013 to 2017, and was then the Project Y General Manager from 2017 to 2018.

Nak is now studying his Masters Degree in Marketing at Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia in Phnom Penh. Well done Nak - we are all so proud of you!!!!

Vibol Sik

I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. My father died when I was 16. I have been supported by CRST since 2013. This NGO helps me a lot such as providing high standard school and other activities in order to improve my education.


Now, I am studying at university, and I have one year more to finish my BA. I also work in Golden Villa as an operation manager. Since 2016, I can support the school fees be myself. However I still join the monthly community service with CRST students because I am a part of this CRST family.

I am very lucky to be a member of CRST, and I have a strong commitment to share what I have learnt to many other people in my society.

Sokphatt Mut

I joined the CRST in 2014 when I was in grade 11.  My family was poor because they needed to support the children to go to school, 4 sisters, one brother, and myself. 

Now I have got the full scholarship to study Chemistry at RUPP University, in Phnom Pehn since the end of 2015. I am also volunteering for one NGO in Phnom Pehn. I teach English and Chemistry. Once a month, I come to Siem Reap to join community service with CRST members. 

I would like to thank CRST that still support my allowance so that I can live in Phnom Pehn, and I always keep my smile with my life to get results back.

Samath Orn

I joined as a member in CRST since 2012 while I got stuck to continue studying at the university since my family could not support me. I am fatherless.

I finished my BA of Law Social and Science in 2014. Then I took the tests to be a police officer. After two years training, I now work as military police with Gendarmerie Royal Khmer in the Ministry of National Defense.

Visal Sik

I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters, and I am the third child. My father passed away. When I graduated from high school, I would like to continue to study at university, but my family could not support me. I was forced to work to earn income for the family. Fortunately, in 2012, I met with Susan from HVC; she introduced my brother and me to Aviv Palti, and we were accepted to be the NGO members.

Now I am studying at university, and I have only one year more to finish my BA. I am also working at The Frangipani Green Garden Hotel and Spa as a Branch Manager. Since 2016, I can pay my school fees by myself. However, I still sometimes join the monthly community service with CRST members.

I would like to say thank you very much to Susan, Aviv, and all CRST students that have given me a great opportunity that I have never expected.

Saven Keat

I became a CRST member in 2011. I was born in a poor family in the rural area. While I was studying in grade 7, I worried about my family ability to support me to study in the city. Luckily two years later, I was given a chance to get a scholarship from CRST.

As I have become a member of the NGO, I have improved my capacity a lot. Moreover, being a member of the NGO is also a part of participating in helping community as well. I joined many activities such as workshops, learning skills, Volunteer in the sales department at Project Y.

After I finished grade 12 in 2016, I got a scholarship to study in Thailand. I am going to take my Biology Degree at University of Phayao, located in Thailand. The scholarship provides me with a monthly allowance, health care, free dormitory and all school fees.

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