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Students Quarantine

We are glad to update you about how we are going to add to the CRST newsletter of our high school students while quarantining.

While the world is facing and fighting against the COVID-19 disease, Cambodia is one of many countries that is challenging this issue. The infection in the community has happened 3 times in Cambodia. The first and second community outbreaks were controlled very well, but the third community outbreak hits the critical point.

The third community infection – The February-20 Community outbreak has led Cambodia to a critical point of the COVID-19 situation and it has been the country’s longest instance of community transmission Cambodia has faced since the pandemic began.

Starting from 20 February 2021, the number of positive COVID-19 cases has been greatly increasing every day. Children, adults, and old people are not the exception – patients reach the serious stage facing the loss of their lives and the deaths have been confirmed. Based on the update on 30 March 2021, The Ministry of Health confirmed the 2,377 positive cases, 1,186 current patients, and 11 deaths.

Since the serious situation of the infection and transmission in the community, all schools in Cambodia have been closed, some communes in the city have been locked down, and the restriction has been applied to all citizens – all people are requested to stay home and not to go anywhere unless having the necessary tasks.

Regarding COVID-19 prevention following the government’s restriction, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Junior Leadership Team (JLT) also requested all of our CRST students to stay home for safety. We specifically requested our 19 high school students to quarantine for 14 days because one of the students in their school was indirectly involved with the positive COVID-19 person. These students need to continue quarantining 5 days more until the test results of the people who were involved with the infected person release.

While the students are in quarantine period, we do not leave them behind. We understand that they need support both physically and mentally. With physical support, the leadership teams in the NGO urgently planned and organized the budget for buying food and essential supplies for them. We deliver the food supplies to every high school student and some of the students who are in the lockdown areas to ensure that all of them stay healthy and focused on their studies. Being physically healthy is not enough; in addition, we also mentor them to enjoy their online studies and learn to appreciate what they have and showing their gratitude to their supporters. We keep connecting with them and interact with how they feel during this tough situation. We do our best to make the students feel they are supported and not alone by having video calls or weekly meetings online as well as group chats to make everyday conversation.

Last but not least, we believe that this time, our country needs the citizens to be involved with the rules of protection. This is our social responsibility to keep amazing Cambodia safe – we support and work for our students; the students stay home for us, therefore, we together make Cambodia safe and stop spreading the virus to others.

We, leadership teams, and all CRST’s students believe that what we are doing right now is a GREAT EXAMPLE for Cambodians, not just at this time but also for future involvement.

Our gratitude to all of our sponsors and supporters for helping on our path.

Thank you, Heng, Sokhim, and leadership teams for helping on this.

Respectfully yours,

CRST Leadership Teams

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