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Airport Field Trip

Report from Norn

I have learnt a lot from this trip. First, I have known the steps to the plane. Let me talked about what I am interested the most.

First is check in. Passenger should arrive check in at least 2 hours before. The first thing to do is check in. They weight the baggage. We have to buy more weight if the baggage is over. However, the price is much more expensive if we buy immediately in place.

Second is at the immigration police station. They already divided to two different main area. One is for foreigner. One is for Cambodian. The reason they set up this is to encourage Cambodian to travel abroad. It is easy to process this. Just put the passport, ticket, and thumb on the scanner then we can go.

Third is boarding pass. Passengers and stuff are scanned in order to secure.

Fourth is waiting place. Passenger have to wait there at least 15 minutes.

Fifth is fire department. It is really interesting. They look very proactive and do a lot of handwork. Even there is no fire on the plane and in the airport, but they have to practice every day -24 hours stand by- and stay healthy. They have to eat punctually, exercise everyday, and annual health check. Only skilful people that can be the member of this department, and it is not easy. They also guided us how to fight with the fire. I thought that, only water that can put out the fire, but I was completely wrong. Besides water, they have powder, and chemical soap. Besides that, in case the plane need to emergency land on the water, they also have a boat to assist, and it is very fast.

Besides learning lesson, I also have seen the plane with my very own eyes. I saw it was landing and flying. It was a good moment to see that. Finally, I hope I can be on the plane one day!!

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