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Cambodia Rural Students Foundation

In late December 2016 we received the wonderful news that the Australian Government has recognised our NGO as a Designated Gift Recipient and a Public Benevolent Institution!!

The implications are significant -

1. Formal Government recognition for the outstanding work our team has been doing for the past 5 years, as well as our achievements and excellent corporate governance

2. Tax-deductibilty status for all funds contributed to our NGO, so all sponsorships and donations may now be claimed by our supporters as a tax-deductible donation

To achieve this significant milestone we have created an Australian-based not-for-profit company - the Cambodia Rural Students Foundation - whose sole purpose is to provide funding for the Cambodia Rural School Trust NGO in Cambodia. The Australian entity has zero overheads, and as always, 100% of funds received are used by CRST in Cambodia for our students' education and community projects.

On behalf of our students and the rural families and villages who receive our monthly support, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! And we are SO happy that from now on all your contributions can be claimed as a tax-deduction - all you need to do is quote our ABN 71 613 161 158.

To find out how you can become involved email us at

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