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October 2016 - Mrs Phana's family

This family is located in Sret village Kontreang commune, Bakong district Siem Reap Province that is about 23 Km from Siem Reap city.

When we visit there we saw some part of her wall house has a huge hole in it. After meeting with her and discussing with the team, we suggest to fix her house by making new walls from bamboo structure and palm leaves. The main structure of the house is still ok and we should be able to finish this project in the morning only.



The Background of Mrs. Louy Phana

Location: This family locates in Sret village Kontreang commune Bakong district Siem Reap Province that is about 23 km from the city.

Background: Mrs Phana lives in a small cottage and has a mental disability. She is a single mother whose husband has left her 4 years ago. Now she is 37 years old and lives with two children. The first child name Srey Mom and she is 11 years old. Srey Mom is studying grade 2 and she has failed the exam many time because she also has mental disability. The second child name Yav Pich and he is 4 years old. He also has mental disability and he has never seen his father because his father left when he wasn't born yet. Pich doesn’t go to school yet. Back to Mrs. Phana is still strong enough to work and she works as farm worker and her work is not a daily work, when the villagers have some works they call her to do. Sometimes she helps the villagers to grow rice or vegetable and she gets only 7,000 Riel per day. Sometime she got some rice after she completed her work. Every day they need to spend 5,000 Riel for lunch and dinner. Some time, when they have the problem with their financial, she asked the neighbours to help and sometime the neighbours give some rice, or food for her.

Relations: Mrs. Phana has two brothers and two sisters and all of them have got married. Now two brothers and one sister live in other district. One of Phana’s sisters lives with her old mother in this village. She cannot help Mrs. Phanan because she needs to look after the old mother.

About The Land: The land that Mrs. Phana is living in is her land and it is about 10 x 7m. This village does not locate in Apsara Authority, so we do not need to process the form with Apsara Authority when they build a house.

About The House: The house that they are living is about 3 m x 4m and about 3.5m high. The wall is made from plam leaves. Some the roof is zinc. The poles and floor made from wood. This house was made when her husband lived with her. After her husband left her this house have never prepared so some part of wall has a big hole on it and it is difficult for them when during the rainy season.

Property: Phana has land, bicycle which she cannot ride. She does not have animals such as cow, pig, chicken, and duck. In her house have only some clothes, pots, and dishes.

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