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September 2016 - Khmart Primary School

We visited a school called Khmart Primary School.When we visited we saw its fence looks black and old painting. Then we had a meeting with School Director and asked him some information about this school and its fence.

  • All teachers and 50 students commit to join our community service to finish in the morning

  • On the day of our community service, they will provide some snack for the student who will join this activity.

  • In return, in two months when all students come back to school, they are going to arrange a cleaning up day around their community or school and will invite a few of us as the representatives to join this day as well

  • They are not be able to contribute much money on this as they have only $1,000 for the school expenses per year but they will help us with their time

After meeting we suggest to paint the fence which is about 200 m long. We will take this activity for our community service for September and the date for our activity will be on September, 25, 2016.

We would like to say a big thank you to SAM for joining us on this project and taking such wonderful photos!!



The Background of Khnart Primary School

Location: This school is located in Khnart village Khnart Year commune Puk district Siem Reap Province that is about 7 km from the city.

Background: Khnart Primary School was created in 1979 after the Khmer Rouge regime. The first time of creating, the wall and roof of this school was made from palm leaves and coconut leaves and the structure was made from wood. In 1992 a guide who is Khmer native and moved to US during Khmer Regime donated his own money to build a school that has 6 rooms. In 2001 some Cambodian people donated to build one more building which has three rooms. And in 2005 it got one more building from Japanese group. So now there are 3 buildings for Starter and Primary school. There are 11 rooms for teaching and one is a library. There are 16 teachers to run this school and 11 of them are female. There are 11 grades and it is divided to 7 levels. It has starter level and grade one until grade six. This school has 453 students which 92 students are starter and 361 students are Primary School and 159 of them are female.

Income and Expense: Every year government provides $1,000 to school. And they use this money buy boards, table, chairs, and some materials for office. They also use this money to make a pool to keep the water and to make pipe system to water the whole garden in School when dry season coming.

About The Land: This school is a public school so its land is owned by government. It is about more 10,000 squires and it is on National Road. It locates in Apsara Authority, so if someone wants to build a house they need to process the permission form from Apsara Authority. However, to paint the fence, we do not need to process the form with Apsara Authority, school leader said.

About The Fence: The fence was made from cement and was built in 1997. It is about 200m long and some of its part is broken or cracked, so it looks old. The School Director said this fence also as built by a guide who lives in US. After building this this fence, they have painted only to times until now. So now this fence looks a bit black and old.

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