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June - Tree Planting at Thai Shyo School

This school is named Thai Shyo primary and secondary school. This school is close to the airport on the way to West Baray.

We met with school director and discussed about our plan that we are looking for a place to plant trees. We saw at this school that there are not many trees around. The school director said, the environment in the school is clean, but they do not have the funds toby trees for planting.

There are 353 students in this secondary school and 270 students in primary school. Primary school is from grade 1 to 6, and secondary is from grade 7 to 9. We are interested in the planting trees in this school because it gives a lot of advantages for the school, students, and community there because when we plant trees, they will look after them and they also have a lot of benefits to, like:

1. To protect natural disaster

2. To attract rain because of their evaporate and growth

3. Help students to learn the different names of trees in Cambodia and encourage them to plant more trees and love the environment around them

4, To decorate school environment and to give shade for children to play and relax

We would like to thank Henry from New York for helping us as well!

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