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August 2016 - Mr Tuey and Mrs Vuen

We found this family by suggestion of the head villager in Donsva Village.

Location: This family locates in Donsva Village which is is about 17 km from Siem Reap City.

Background: Grandfather Tonh Tuey lives with his wife in a small cottage and he is 55 years old. His wife’s mane is Phal Vuen and she is 62 years old. They have lived in this village since 1983. Mr. Tuey is still strong enough to work and he works on a farm but his work is not a daily work - only when the villagers have extra work they call him. Some time he helps the villagers to grow rice or vegetable and he gets only 13,000 Riel per day. However, his wife has the problem with her health. Her eyes cannot see well. She can see whenever something is close to her. She also has hypertension and because of hypertension her left leg cannot move well. She has had hypertension for five years. She just says at home and does some house work and cooks. Some time, when they have problem with their financial, their step-son and the neighbours give them some rice, food, or money to help them.

About The House: The house that they are living is about 2.5 m x 3.5m and about 2.5m high. The wall is made from palm and coconut leaves. Some parts of roof is just a tarp and other parts is palm leaves and the roof also has some holes in it. The poles and floor are made from bamboos tree.

Property: They have no land, television, motor, and bicycle, animal such as cow, pig, chicken, and duck. In their house have only some clothes, pots, and dishes. This family is very poor and needs our help.


On August 28th we built a house which is 3x4 meters for Tonh Tuey and Phal Veun. We left Siem Reap City at 7:00 am and arrived at Grandfather Tuey's house at 8:00 am. As same as last month, this month there were some teams from the Designet Company and some students from Peace Children Club joined with us. They are very helpful. Some of them joined with the main structure team, cooking team, setting team and wall frames.

In the morning, while we did community service the rain was coming down, but all of us still did our work until lunch. We completed the house at around 4pm.

At the end of our the group of Designet Company gave some food supplies for Grandfather Tuey's family. They said, they are really happy when they got a comfortable house and some food supply they also give us many thanks and good luck.

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