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Youth & Children Peace Club

On the weekend the Youth & Children Peace Club performed a dance at Royal Empire Hotel in ASEAN Youth Forum on "Advancing Youth's Roles in Leading ASEAN" with the presence of youth from the 10 countries in Asia and Timor.

This is a club that we support and one of our students, Tok is helping them with practicing their dancing and with their makeup.

The Peace Club did very well on the stage. After the dancing, they won $150 from the event...!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a BIG achievement for them...!!!!

Mrs. Porse gave some money for students so they can use for their studies and other needs. She left $40 for the Pchum Ben celebration with the students.

Tok, thank you very much to make their dreams become reality.....!!!! Your time and energy and time to help them is so great for them.

By the way, they asked to join us on CS this month to help other people with us as well. ...!!! They will go with us..

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