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We had a WONDERFUL time this morning from 8-11 am. The breaking the ice was said welcome to them, telling them that they are 1/300 candidates so they should PROUD of yourselves, and introduce that Barang got the highest score in the tests, and this is our get big number of students, 21, normally 8-12............!!!! Until now, CRST have got 65 MEMBERS........!!!!!!!!!

WE went through a few agendas as below-

1. CRST Background - by Nak

2. All student Introduction

3. CRST Structure and Activities

4. Group Photos

Introduction Guideline-

1. Current Students- name, grade/level/year, place of birth, share an expression or message - just a sentence - short but punchy..!!

Note: They do not come to the front except Yeat and Sineang. We gave just two opportunities as time is limited and these two are volunteers to come up. They made very good impression and inspire to our students, especially Sineang. Everyone just said WOW......!!!!!!

2. New students - name, grade and old school, place of birth, short sharing about themselves - we observe our new students have very strong confident and share to the team....!! Compare to last year, our new students this year are much more better....!! The best among the best....!!

After the 10 minutes break with some snack and water, Doeb talk briefly about CRST Activities below-

1. Education - PUC, FBIS, English Classes, Computer Classes

2. Volunteering - Daily and Weekly

3. Health & Sport

4. Community Service - VBE, food suppliers and Monthly Community Service projects

Then Nak introduced one by one of our managers of CRST and what they responsible for. We wrote all the management teams on the board with their positions and contact details.

After that Sreng had 5 minutes to come to the front to share about Project Y....!! Nak asked all Project Y team to stand up so everyone can see them.

Veun also had 5 minutes to share about student profile and food recipe project.....!! (STAY TUNED!!)

Visal and Vibol come to the front and share about their experience as being our 'Success Stories' and their experience.....!

Then Veun met with the 8 students who need to move to live in Siem Reap City. They are happy to share the rooms together, and they need 3 rooms. Veun will assist them with this.

In conclusion, every thing seems to be going well and everyone was so impressed...!!! Our new students feel more relax and warm with our NGO. They seem understand more about CRST family. Many of our students showed that we are open-minded through their short message, for example, asking question is strength, not weakness, life is struggle, welcome everyone to our family,....etc....!!!

Lastly, we all would like to say THANK YOU to you and YOUR FAMILY much to make this day happen. We feel that we are SO lucky to have this opportunity....and for sure we will do our best to plan and keep this sustainable.......!!! Thanks for your time and money with us....appreciate that.... As like Vannak sent a message to our students that "they are walking to an education machine"...!! This machine, CRST, will change raw materials to Diamonds.......!! And these diamonds will be the pillars of the Cambodia...!!

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