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July 2016 - Ms. Preab

This family is located in Rolous Lech Village, which is about 17 Km from Siem Reap town. This family is introduced by Mr. Veun and then we went to visit together.

Her name is Ban Preab, she is 46 years old, and she is a widow with one daughter. Her daughters name is Ban Mav and she is 12 years old. Ms. Preab has a mental illness - she can understand a little bit and can follow villagers’ speech and other people words, but she does not have a sense that can keep up with us. She has had this mental since she had left from her first husband. She did not know the exact men that slept with her till she got the baby which is now daughter today.

She has 6 siblings, but all of them got married and some stayed away from her. Only a brother and a sister live close to her, but they can help her with daily food a little bit. Some villagers give her $0.50 when she was their clothes and help them some housework. So, how can she get clothes wearing? She gets skirts and shirts from neighbours that give her and daughter clothes to wear.

She has nothing in her small cottage even rice, and all we can see are some plates and dirty clothes inside the small home. She has electricity light which is connected from her brother who lives near her. Her daughter Mav has not started the school yet because she feels she is different from other children and she does not like to speak with other people. We asked Ms. Preab that does she allow her daughter to school if we help her build a new house and she said yes.


This month we had our Australian business mentors join us in building this new house for Preab and her daughter Mav. We strongly believe that our mentors had a great time by participating with us in this project!!

We accepted that our CS this month started a bit late to start with plan (main structure) because we there were some woods that we bought were shorter than our plan, so we have to make the size smaller than 3m*4m. So, the exact house that we got just 2.85m* 4m.

However, at the end of the day we got a very wonderful and stable house for Ms. Preab and her daughter to stay at least for 7 years. We would like to thank everyone that they made the commitment to build this house in one day, and also thank for Designet Company for their donation of food supplies at the end day.

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