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New Student Selection - Stage 3

It was a long trip this weekend visiting student families, and most of them will be suggested to join the NGO.

Some families are so poor with and occurring violence. My family is poor, but there are some families which are poorer than mine. We are writing their background, (35 families) and will send to you through email with their photos at the end of this month. And we can discuss when you are here next.

Through this trip, what I personally see the very far different to SR are two provinces. Kampong Speu where is in the south-east of Cambodia, near the border of Vietnam, many families cut down trees, bring homes, burn for coal, and sell. Actually, this is illegal, but they do not know what to do to get some money for food. They force themselves to do that actually. Many people in this province are very poor.

The other province is Battambang which is near the border of Thialand have very good soil with fertilizer. The soil is a bit black which people can grow many crops and fruits well. This province produces most rice for Cambodia.

This is the first trip for my youngest brother and he really enjoy that. On the first day, he was car sick, but on the second and third, he is OK. He can see many different pictures from SR. Thank you so much for this.

Lastly, thanks for this opportunity to travel around Cambodia. It is a bit tiring sometimes as we are on the bus for many hours, but we learned something new in our country and so happy to visit our new student future families....!!!!

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