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New Student Selection - Stage 1

We are searching for more students to join our NGO in the 2016-2017 academic year which will start in September. There are 3 steps that potential students have to pass

1. Written test

2. Interview

3. Family visit

This year the numbers of candidates for our scholarship has increased by double from the previous month up to 294 from many secondary school (grade 9) and high schools in many districts and provinces. They come through our announcement directly to four HS and two communities, by our students, and Facebook we posted. Oh! World Vision Organisation collected 71 students from rural areas to join our tests on this Sunday 22nd May!!

This Sunday, there are 294 candidates divided to 12 classes in two High Schools. All of our students, except working students will be rangers. They all asked us to join with this. Two of our students will be in a classes and a few will be outside.

The exam started from 7:30 am to 11:00am. After that all of our students joined lunch together. It was a unforgettable day with many many students from different areas coming into Siem Reap to take our test. They are poor but they are curious about learning.

After lunch, all our students did all of the exam paper correction. In the afternoon, all of them helped us to correct the tests. We will divide four groups to correct on Khmer general knowledge, English on multiple choices, English writing, and score calculation.


116 students passed stage 1 of our tests - we are now arranging interviews with all of these students which is stage 2.

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