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September 2015 - Mr Mav

I am so happy to report you that our Monthly Community Service yesterday was very great and everyone was so helpful. In the morning, we left at around 6:50am with 6 Tuk Tuks including our 2 Tuk Tuks.

Then we arrived at Mav's house at about 7:40am, and students started to take the old small house out in order to make a new one for him. We finished the whole shape of the house in the morning and then we had lunch at 11:30am. After that some of Project Y teams came back to get ready for the shop open. We continued working at 1:30pm to join together the roof and the walls.

For this activity we co-operated with the local villagers and our Tuk Tuk drivers as well, and they are happy to help and share what they understand for building the house. This house was completely finished at 5pm then I had a very short speech to everyone and said thank you so much for their commitment to get the house built for Mr. Mav. By the time we came back, it was heavy raining in Bakong till Siem Reap. I knew that we all exhausted, but we got the energy back because all CRST students who worked hard that day got free frozen yogurt at Project Y.

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