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Project Y Frozen Yogurt - Grand Opening!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

WOW - in just over 2 months, Project Y is OPEN!!! We had 1 week of soft opening where our students put into practice everything they had been learning during their training sessions! Here are some photos of the very first day we opened! Our students did incredibly well and we are so proud of every single one of them. We would also like to thank every single person who has been involved in this project - without your help this dream would not have become a reality!!

Our Grand Opening of our educational social enterprise, was attended by over 150 people, including the Deputy Governor and the Education Minister of Siem Reap Province and numerous other NGO managers and local business people! On our Opening Night we also invited over 150 kids from 4 local NGOs for FREE YOGURT and a party...... The photos say it all..... :-) To see more information about Project Y visit our website,

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