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July 2015 - Fence Building & Tree Planting

This Community Service we CRST family have finished the fantastic job that we built the fence and planted some small trees for Choun Long & Prey Thom primary schools. The plan that we progress is we divides our students to different positions. It sure that we didn¹t work alone we have the some students from HVC, and nearly 30 students from Choun Long. It absolutely great that we had really a wonder full time together because we did not only work for society however, we got to know new people as well.

We got the free trees from an association that they grew the tree for planting as NGO or people want to plant as request to them and arrange transport to take the trees. We paid those $20 for seeds and plastic but I got 100 trees.

In the afternoon, after we finished the work at Choun Long School we forward to Prey Thom primary school to plant more trees there. There were more 50 students join us. We helped them to plant the tree, and share them some advices about advantage of the trees. Moreover, we also conducted some of children song and other song for all Cambodian people. It was about new generation to know the nationally of our country. It was a short time, but it was also really a lot of fun with children.

More special, we have known new mother Sophup who is the leader of art club. She also works to help the society as well. Actually, she is just a normal person that does not have any duties in commune. However, she really has a huge heart to help the community. She gathers the children in the village and teaches them about Khmer dancing. She wants to run this project because she wants to share what the Khmer traditional art for next generation, as some students that they are free from school, and they do nothing it seems waste the time. We saw her activities, and it was really make us really impress of her. She invited us to see her children, and let them perform for us. It made us very relax from the working from the full day with the fun. Tok also performed with them too. She also recommended by Mr. Sopheap to Nak too.

In short, this Community Service Project we have done about 200 meters of wooden fence, and planted 100 of small trees in two schools (Choun Long & Prey Thom primary schools).

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