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May 2015 - Storm Repair Activities

For this Monthly Community Service, we left from Nak’s house at 6:30am by our Tuk Tuk and some drove their own motorbikes, then we arrived at HVC at round 7:15am, and our management teams had already organized the teams that we are going to do our volunteering helping families that were damaged. We separated into 3 groups, and the first group was managed by Deob and Sreng, second Heang and Deob because these houses were closed to each other, and the third Pheak and Voun. Then we organized Tuk Tuk for different groups, and some drove the motorbikes, and some HVC students rode the bikes with group 1, 2, and 3 because it was about 3km from HVC. We also divided the materials that we worked into two as well.


When we reached at Lorm and Khorn house, our students had their own personality to do different jobs, and some tied the bamboo walls with palm leaves, some helped the elder people that this family had invited to help them with making bamboo walls, some made the roofs with the elder people that they have this skill by using zincs. They really worked actively because they wanted to finish early in the evening, and I am so happy that our students can do great job for their responsibility. This house, we started around 7:50am, and it was nearly completed for the walls, but the roofs were already done. We came back to HVC at 11: 00am because we had lunch there, then we had a rest for about one hour and a half, and after that at 1:15pm we went back to do our work again. This time, we just took that we had done to tie with the wall house and Veun and I did more bamboo walls because some were not finished. At 4:20 pm our work had completely done, and everyone was very happy because this time we had finished early. After that I had a very short conversation with house owner and some of villagers that helped us with doing this activities, we all say thank you for their participation with a strong commitment.

When we left them, we also had food supplies for Family 6 that was much closed to the family that we built the house for. We all gave her with rice and ingredient in the kitchen, and also one mosquito net, and we asked her about her living, children, and husband. Then we all say thank you, and she had short words to say thank you and wish all of us have very successful in our study and with good daily life. We have spent $50 for Food supplies.

Family 4:

With this 4 family, our students just helped them with mixing the sand and cement, and then put it in order with the bricks as a line around the poles like squire. For this activities also joined by the house owner, and no other villagers because the house owner said they were busy to join wedding party, so this job just did only with our students and the house owner. Our students came to serve lunch at HVC at 11:00 am too, and then in the afternoon they came to finish the bricks that they laid on each other. They finished this job at about 3:00pm, and our students say thank you for helping us to finish this job with a strong participation. Then our students took photos with Pom and Vann, and work that they have done. Note that, this house we paid for $100 for buying 2000 bricks for them.

Family 5 :

Family 5 is not far from family 4, but family 5 we made bamboo walls and also made the roof for them as well. Our students made walls very confident because they used to do them frequently. Also, some villagers came to help us with doing generous heart and respect. Our students and HVC students also came to eat lunch at HVC at 11: am too, and then at 1: 15 pm they came to finish their work in the afternoon. Actually, this house had already done 50%, and we made it bigger from the older one, so that it can keep more people in this family and keep other things more easily. They finished this job at 4:30pm, and then they took photos with Phon and Ronn as house owner. Deob also had a short conversation with them that our students came to help them were from their heart even they have to face up with sun light, they are still happy to do this job because this activities can help them to get more experiences and understand the exact situation that no one used to do. After that our students and HVC students came to HVC.

When we are all here, Doeb and I organized our students to take food supplies for Family 2 because this house is much closed to HVC, and then we came to visit them with our food supplies, and some of students asked them why when the storm came where were they. Then gave them and took photos together. This house owner, Kert is very happy and she said thank you for us or for supporter that helped her family, and she wish all the luck come truth to all of us. We have spent $50 for Food Supplies.

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