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March 2015 - Building a New Home

There are 8 people in this family, but 2 people (the parents) have gone to Thailand to work, and now there are only 6 people that staying in the family home. There is 1 grandmother (78 years old) and 5 grandchildren. Grandmother name is Yun Roun. She was born in Oukdormeanchiey Province (the place that she live now), and her husband died in Pol Pot regime (20 years ago). She said that her family is in a bad situation since her husband died.. She has one daughter, her name is Kung Channur.

Yun Roun has no job, she must depend on the 5 children that earn $1.50 to $2 per day (this is irregular because it doesn't happen on all days because only 2 children can work and the other 2 are studying in primary school, and the youngest one stays with her. "I always worry about my house because I am afraid that one day it will be too damaged" Grandmother said. Moreover she also has disease called TB (tuberculosis) and high blood pressure for ten years now. These 2 diseases will not go away because she does not have enough money to buy the medicine she needs. She really wants to get the new house for her grandchildren, but she cannot afford that.

Back to Kung Channur, when she was in 18 years old, she decided to move to work in Siem Reap city as a construction worker and after that she met her husband. They fell in love with each other and they got married. THe lived with grandmother and all 5 children but because of the family situation was very poor, they decided to go and work in Thailand and she never come back to visit family. Grandmother knows that they have seperated from eachother now and each of them have new husband and wife already.

Back to the 5 children, because of the family situation is very poor, 2 children decided to stop studying and get a job near the house and they get only $1.50 to $2 per day. They also really want to continue to study if their family has enough money. And one more child is a son, and his hand has no fingers and foot has no toes, but he can go to school (he can write like other students). And the other one also studying. The youngest one stays at home with grandmother. Together for Cambodia (TFC) knew of this family by one man who lives in that village and TFC also help the food supply to that family for every month.

To complete this new home we wil need:

Stone pillar x8 = $16.00

Palm leaf x 4 = $50.00

Wooden Pillar x 8 = $80.00

Bamboo Tree x 40 = $40.00

Rood x 12 = $15.00

Bamboo for floor x 3 = $33.75

Nails and wire x $23.00

Food for students = $40.00

Transportation = $45.00

TOTAL = $342.75

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