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July 2014 - House Building with Australian Volunteers


A few weeks ago, Malong, Lidia from Together For Cambodia, a social worker from TFC and I went to visit a family that TFC pointed out to us. We found there a suffering family with many issues.

Please read their story:

Mrs. Hoy Uon is 65 years old. She was born in Kam Pongcham Province. Her daughter married a man from Siem Reap. They have 3 children. It is very hard for her family to earn money, so they moved to Siem Reap to be closer to where the work is. They lived in Siem Reap town, but it was still very hard.

Mrs. Hoy Uon’s daughter had some problems with her health, so she took her to the doctor, and the doctor told her she has HIV. Mrs Hoy Uon doesn’t know for sure how her daughter for this disease, but each day her health got worse and worse. She couldn’t look after her songs, so she deicided to send her two sons to an orphan center in Kampong Cham province.

After her husband found out about her health problems he left. Mrs. Uon¹s daughter passed away, so she is now taking care of her daughters daughter – her granddaughter. She used to work as a farmer but not on her own land. She has to work for a full day to get some money or rice. Sometimes, she collects the old palm leaves to make palm roofs for selling. Nowadays she works as a junk collector. She tries any way as possible to help her family. Because she is getting older, she can¹t work as she did before. She really needs some help from someone. As you see in the picture, it isn¹t a big or well built house. It was built by an NGO a long time ago. Now her home needs to be fixed as soon as possible, but she has no money to do it herself.

The Items what we would to require to build her a new home is below:

Items Qty Unit Price Total Price

Palm Leaves 650 3,5000R 227,500R

Ceiling wood 5 8,000R 40,000R

Small wood 4 5,000R 20,000R

Bamboo 3 4,0000R 120,000R

Small Bamboos 10 4,000R 4,0000R

Nail & Wire 30,000R

Food 189, 200R

Total In Riel: 630,700R

Total In Dollar: $169.00

For this project, all CRST students will be involved, and also there will be Australian volunteers from Campbell House School in Sydney will be helping.


It was the first time for CRST¹s students to have foreigner volunteers to help in a social project. It was a wonderful time for us to work with them. After getting to know them all during the week, we had a lot of fun building this house all together. It was a bit hot and rained during the day. Everyone worked very hard to complete our mission. I am very proud of our team. I would like say a big thank you to the Australian Volunteers for their care, encouragement, and support and for spending their time to help us and Mrs Uon and her granddaughter.

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