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March 2014 - Charity

For few days we went to the rural area to visit places where very poor people live. The head Village pointed out for us to see an old lady in a very bad and with a lot of suffering.

Some information about her:

She is one the poorest people in the village. Her name is Chien. She is 67 years old. She lives alone in small cottage. She is an old maid. She had two brothers and two sisters and parents and when the Khmer Rouge came to Cambodia, she moved away from her family and hometown. Lucky for her, she went with her parents. A few years ago she heard that her siblings died because they did not have enough food to eat.

She and parents were lonely and suffering with this injustice but they have no choice. After Khmer Rouge had gone, She moved back to live in her hometown. She was strong and worked with the other villagers to harvest rice. She bought her own property but later on her parents were sick. She had to sell her property in hurry to cure both them. Her parents were still sick and they died so now she has no more relatives and no property.

She cannot work anymore because she is older. Up until 4-5 years ago she didn't have the house that is in the pictures. The village where she lives gave her some money, wood and bamboo to build her small cottage. She lived in a very small house that she just stayed in the daytime because it can’t protect the rain and bad weather. She has to ask her neighbors to stay with them at night.

These days, she asks for food from the neighbors and sometime she hasn’t got any food. She has got some problems with her eye because of old age.

All the students have come together and we would like this month for our Social Project to donate some items to Ms Chien.

Item Qty Price

Rice 50kg $ 20

Skirt 1 $ 3,75

Scarf 1 $ 3,00

Chili Sauce 1 $ 0,50

Fish Sauce 1 $ 0,50

Soya Sauce 1 $ 0,43

Salt 1 $ 0,25

Donation 1 $10.00

Total in Dollar 38,43 $

Total Riel 153,700 R

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