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November 2013 - Family Home Project

We went to a village to visit some families to see who we could help the most. The villagers advised us who the poorest family was so we met with them in their home.

They have 4 people in their family. There is a mother with her 3 daughters. She is a widower and lives with her daughters in small a house. But the house wasn’t built by herself, it was a cooperation by the villagers from a long time ago. Now the house is broken again. They can’t sleep when it is raining because the water gets in to the house. She works very hard to provide the family. Her youngest daughter is studying

If we can help them, we will provide as follow:

- Fix the roof and wall : $30

- Some bamboos that cost $20

- String and metal wire: $4

- Nails : 3 $

- Food expenses $20 for our teams

Total: $77

Update: On Sunday, 3rd of November all the team went back to the village to complete the project. We started at 7:30am, and seperated the teams to work at their different skills. We worked until 12:00 o¹clock than we have lunch. We completed our fixing at 5:00pm and went home.

In the plan, we did research on prices but we were incorrect with roof expenses and food expeneses. Instead the total cost of this project was $100.25. Please look at the photos of our work and the new family home.

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