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Project Y Frozen Yogurt is an educational social enterprise that opened in 2015. We are located in Night Market Street, Siem Reap, and run by university students from the Cambodia Rural Students Trust, an NGO with the mission of breaking the poverty cycle through education!!


All the profits remain in the NGO so we can sponsor more students and community projects. Beside the financial side, this store plays a very important role in building our students’ confidence and provides us with hands-on business education and experience!! The quality of our yogurt is the BEST as it’s imported from Australia!


Our students work in six different business departments - including sales, marketing, operations, production, HR and finance - and we rotate between these departments every 6 months, so we get extensive business experience. 

Our aim is to teach our students business fundamentals, so we can apply these skills for the rest of our lives and become the leaders of tomorrow!!

project Y

frozen yogurt

We are currently closed due to COVID-19







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