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Giving people access to education is the fastest way to help them out of poverty and deliver lasting change to them, their families and future generations. 100% of all funds donated are used for education and community projects. All overheads, including administration and travel are covered by one of our corporate sponsors.


Bank Transfer - you can donate directly to our Cambodian, Australian or US Bank account. Email for more information

Raisley - we are pleased to now give you the option of donating through Raisley! Follow the prompts below.


Cambodia Rural Students Foundation is an

Australian Government registered Tax Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)

And the Cambodia Rural Students Foundation Inc is a US Government registered public charity under IRS code 501(c)(c3).

Private donors cover our operating costs, so you can give knowing that 100% of your  donation will help sponsor our students or selected project.



Sponsor a student to study at high school or university for one year

Remain in direct monthly email contact to hear about their progress and share in their journey.

Donations can be made monthly or in full

$84 per month or

$1,000 per year

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Project G Kits


Gift a Project G, Days for Girls menstrual hygiene Kit to a high school girl

Sewn in our sewing workshop in Siem Reap, you can keep a girl in school by gifting her with a Days for Girls, Project G menstrual hygiene kit.

Each kit contains 2 shields, 8 liners, 2 pairs of underwear, 2 ziplock bags, soap, washcloth and a care sheet


$15 per Project G Kit

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Provide a poor, rural family in a desperate situation with vital monthly food supplies

Receive monthly emails with photos of the family receiving their supplies. Supplies include rice, sauces, dried meat and fish, vegetables and hygiene supplies like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and cleaning materials.

$45-$80 per month or

$540 - $960 per year

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Donate a bicycle to a rural student who is walking long distances to school every day

Many students in the countryside walk long distances to get to school​ each day. The gift of a bicycle will enable a rural student to get to school


$65 per bicycle

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Build a house to give an impoverished rural family a roof over their heads

You will receive an email with a before and after report including photos.

This also includes a welcome home package for the family which includes rice, sauces, fresh vegetables and hygiene items.


$1,200 per house

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Sponsor a solar study light distribution in a rual school

Our team will teach primary aged students living in energy poverty about basic hygiene and nutrition as well as distribute SolarBuddy study lights, pens and exercise books

Contact us

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Project W

Sponsor a water filtration system or toilet block in a rural school

By installing BioSand water filtration systems, toilet blocks and eco incinerators in rural schools, students, their families and communities will have improves health and hygiene 

BioSand water filtration system starting from $4,000

Toilet Block starting from $5,500 (block of 5)

Eco Incinerator starting from $800

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